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my best friend has swollen glands the size of golf balls, she had strep and was prescribed to an antibiotic that she was allergic to, so they switched her to a different antibiotic. It's been about a week now and her throat doesnt hurt but her tonsils are still swollen and her glands are so swollen it hurts her whole neck, all the way to the back of her neck. does anyone kno whats wrong?


The glands that are swollen are most likely actually called lymph nodes. They help clean "bad" things out of the blood like old blood cells, etc. It's like a filter for bad things. It is common for them to swell when there is an infection.

The antibiotic will take time to work and the swelling will gradually decrease. It just takes time.

She needs to finish the prescription and take it exactly as directed.

Hope that helps.