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My boyfriend tried to pick a scab in his left nostral of his nose. Now the entire left side of his face is swollen. His upper left lip is twice the size of normal. And due to the swelling the left side of the face seems droopy. It has been like this for a couple of days.

Anyone, any suggestions, diagnosis or remedies?


Are you saying that his face got swollen from trying to pick up a scab from his nose? I think that the swelling would have appeared even if he didn’t try to pick it.

I think he has a herpes! I am not sure but this is what happens to me when I have breakouts. Herpes simplex is a virus that we pick up as kids and it stays in our bodies forever-hidden like al the other viruses.
Herpes causes breakouts sometimes and they start like a blister first, they last for about 5 days, then they turn into scabs and last for another 7 days and then they withdraw.

Whenever I have a breakout, my eyelids get swollen, my lips as well.
Make sure you don’t touch his face while he’s having a break out because herpes is contagious and spread through skin 2 skin contact. Don’t use the same glasses, towels, utensils either.

He should see a dermatologist right away to check what it is and get proper treatment. In some people, the recovery may last up to 3 weeks time.