Hi I have had swollen parotid glands on one side of my face sporadically for the last six years. At first I would only get it once or twice a year, with no pain but a hard unmovable flat lump. I would wake up with it and have a slightly dull sensation on that side of face. It hurts only very slightly if I push on it hard. Anyways, It would go away usually within that day after taking a shower or walking around. In the past year, however, I have been getting this more frequently with the exact same symptoms. The frequency with which i get this has been increasing incrementally. Now it is twice or three times a month. I am also experiencing dry mouth. This does somewhat coincide with getting braces, so I wonder if that is a cause. I definitely do not have a lot of pain and there is no salty water squirting from inside my mouth. It also never swells up during the day. Just when I am sleeping. I do feel more tired and unwilling to get out of bed when this happens. I thought it might just be because of dehydration and dry mouth since it got worse with braces.. However I am really not sure. I looked up the symptoms and theres a disease called kimuras disease that seems to be similar. I have not been to a doctor about it. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms and could give me advice or suggestions as for the cause? Thank you!!