I have been searching on the Internet on some information about the Tuberculosis of the parotid gland. This rare disease which I susbect that it has infected my wife.

My wife, 26 years, have been complaining from a swelling in her parotid galnd 6 years ago. It started to grow suddenly within a duration of a year, and then stopped growing, it was occiosnally painful and and it was tender to some exteent. Of course, she underwent many antibiotic courses which managed to stop the pain for a while then nothing new happnes. All the doctors who examined here failed to know what is that swelling and finally one of them asked us to have an operation to remove the swelling. After the operation, we performed a pathology test on the specimen and the report conculded that it is an acinic cell carcinoma. We got lost and doctors are hihgly doubting that this can really be acinic cell carcinoma. We performed MRI & CT on the parotid gland, Neck, Head and found that they are all normal and even the lymph nodes are normal.

Untill that, i found that article on your site regarding the "Tuberculosis of the parotid gland"

I believe about her case to be really Tuberculosis of the parotid gland as many articles I read on that disease refelcts the symptoms she showed. But as you may already know, this case is diffcult to be digonised by doctors and i am afread thay did not even hear about it!

Could you please advise what we should do? Can this be really the case of Tuberculosis of the parotid gland. I will be able to send you as much information as you need on her case and even I can provide you with a scanned versions of her pathology & MRI reprots.

Waiting to hear from you.