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Hello ~

I've been sick since last Friday with a bad sore throat and a deep cough.
It's been going away, but anyway

Two days ago I was taking a nap.
I woke up and my vagina started itching... and I figured that maybe my undies laid on it wrong,
so I used the restroom and went about my business.
Later on I went to bed.
In the morning I took a shower and was cleaning myself down there,
and my labia minora felt weird.
Towards the entrance to my vagina, the labia minora is kind of tougher than usual,
and the rest of it was just swollen.
I took a look at it and it was slightly bigger than the other side, and it was red.
I figured it would go away.

I woke up this morning and took a pee,
and it burnt my labia minora.
I looked at it again and it's even bigger now on the right side, I would have to day two, maybe three times bigger.

I have no idea what could have started this,
considering I literally had just woken up from a very regular nap.
I'm not sure if it's any major concern but I'm not sure what it is.


this is happening to me right now!!
except it's only on the right side. 
Can anyone help?