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I'll be completely honest that I haven't exactly paid close attention to what is "down there" until recently....okay yesterday. It started when I was taking a shower yesterday morning and well it felt good. (No, this wasn't the first time I've masturbated, although it was the first time in the shower...) When I got out of the shower I used a hand held mirror to take a peek on what was going one. Well, it seems that my labia minora actually comes out of my labia majora. Well, I knew that because of the sexual excitement that it could cause it to become bigger. So, I checked it again later last night and this morning to see if it was still bigger. It was.

While, I'm not ashamed of it I'm still confused about it. I *think* its my labia minora but I'm not sure. I could have sworn that there were two parts to it, one on each side. Well what I'm seeing is the left side (from me looking down) is large but the right side is not. Its actually smaller. I think I know what I'm looking at because there are two parts of it, then the urinary area, then the vagina opening.

Why would one side of the labia minora be bigger than the other side?

Oh, I thought I would just add that I'm not ashamed of it, purely interested in it, I'm not ashamed of masturbation, and I'm a 16 year old virgin.



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Be happy you have them and be proud of it. Most guys love those butterfly wings. They are great fun to play with with my tongue and I love to just play with them and spread them with my fingers. Tugging on them gently is enjoyable to my wife.

Most parts on our bodies are not equal on both sides, so one being longer/larger than the other is completely normal. I bet you have one breast that's larger than the other too. I have to try shoes on my left foot because it's larger than my right. My right testicle is larger than the left. So even though we have two sides that look about the same, most are somewhat different.