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Hi. I'm very frightened right now because I have watched some stuff on a TV that made me very nervous.
Just recently I started to experience some strange symptoms. It all started with some usual pharyngitis, the kind you get with common cold. About three days after I started to suffer from hi fever and swollen lymph nodes on my groin and axillary region.
I didn’t know what could cause this but on some TV show I have heard some nasty stuff about some very contagious disease called Infective Mononucleosis and some of the symptoms I have recognized in me.
Could this be this disease!?


Well, it could be very difficult to say from this point do you suffer from mononucleosis or not. That only some infectologist could.
I could tell you some facts about this disease and suggest you contact your GP imidiately.
Mononucleosis is cause by Epstein-Barr virus. Once you infect your self, the virus stays in you for the rest of your life. This disease has a variety of clinical presentations, but the symptoms usually consist of fever, pharyngitis, and lymphadenopathy.
You should contact your doctor and do complete blood count test and of course heterophile test. The heterophile test is the most common and specific test to confirm the diagnosis of Infective Mononucleosis.