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I'm your average 13 year old girl. Me and my best friend have sleepovers a lot and we sometimes hump each other because it feels good. We have went Amur and bought tampons but we haven't started our periods yet. I get turned on quite a lot and I have tried squirting but nothing happens. I really like wearing tampons about and I like fingering my self. We have bought thongs to and I love wearing them. I just wanted to see if it was a good thing and if we should keep doing it. My mum doesn't no and I want to have sex can you please help xx thank you xxx


Hello there.

Using tampons is not a game. You should use tampons ONLY when you have your period and you really need to use them. Using them for any other purpose doesn't make any sense. 

I understand that you are a teen girl and that you are in that period of your life when you question your body, but you should know that tampons have only one purpose - using them when you are having your periods.

For some other use, it can be dangerous, especially in this way, like you are using them. This string can break, the tampon can stay inside of you...and then you will have to tell your mom about this.