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i am a 13 year old girl and i weigh 83.5 kg and i am 5,7" I don't get bullied at school about it yet I do moan about my weight. I am a pikky eater and don't like many vegetables or fruit so diet plans do not work, yet I have PE twice a week and rgby training 1 night after school. My mum recently bought a book on how to lose 7 pounds in 7 days yet some of the ingredients I do not like. I come in and sit on my computer everynight and eat when I get bored. If anyone could help me to decide what I can do in the future that I can stick to it would be great help. Thanks. :)


I'm sorta the same except im pretty short for my age... I'm 14 in 2 weeks and im noly about 5'1 all the other guys my age are around 5'4 and up..I have about 2 friends my size but my tallest friends is about 6'1. anyways im self many ppl.. and kinda overweight for my size i weigh 103 pounds..i know it doesnt seem like lots considering my height i look kinda fat......

now really to the point u have aboslutely nothing to worry about..just eat healthy... according to a food guide which u can find on the internet easily and excercise 3-4 times a week and in to time you'll notice a difference



since i know that u feel so bulky and insulted about it,but i had this problem also when i was 18(now 20).my weight was 72,but now it is 58.i'm feeling very much better now .so here is the solution

1.don't eat ur lunch(11:00 breakfast,2:00 pm lunch and dinner).

2.drink grean tea a lot when u feel hungry.

3.and do the exercise like running and crunches better u start gym.

4.and play sports.

that's all i did .i played too much cricket and i reduced my weight around 1 5kg.

so that's all i can answer .

best off luck coco