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hi- I am 20 and Last year i noticed after i would wake up in the morning the tip of my tongue would have teeth impressions as if i was biting down really hard during the night.

Over the past few months I can not stop worrying about my tongue and why it feels overly sized for my mouth to fit in between my top and bottom jaw. I know it seems rather odd to worry about it, but it is annoying.

3 months ago I had cavaties filled and there seems to be pressure on my teeth when i bite down to fall asleep as if the fillings were not shaved down correctly. From biting down when I sleep and the pressure, my tongue seems to get in the way and now instead of the tip of my tongue; the sides of the tongue are getting teeth impressions too.


Hello! Your problem may actually be teeth grinding at night with a tongue getting hurt on the way! That seems like a reasonable explanation to me.
Have you seen a dentist regarding your problem? A dentist should be able to tell if you are grinding your teeth during the night or not. If this is the case, you may get a mouth guard for preventing this from happening.

Also, if you suffer from restless leg syndrome and are experiencing jerks during the night and abrupt leg movements, you could be biting your tongue as well. Does this happen every night? Are you using sleep over this? If you are, then you could be experiencing a whole lot more problems as a consequence, so I would advise you to see a dentist and see what it is all about!