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Hi I'm doing a project in my child development class on the costs of having a baby, pregnancy and delivery. It has been really hard to find any information, so I was wondering if anyone had any information on the following questions below. I know this is a hassle o.O , but if anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :-D

What are the cost for obstetrician fees for a c-section delivery that is planned?

Do obstetricians have separate fees from office visits?

Will there be other doctor fees at the hospital, or for complications or anything else?

On the first doctor's vist what will go on?

Are there any payment plans available?

How many follow up visits are there and how often?

And how much do they cost? What is the cost for having a delivery?

How much does it cost for the mother, and how much does it cost for the baby?

How many child birth classes does the mother have to attend, an how much would they cost?


In total, we are around $40,000 now. It has been a nightmare. The Insurance would not cover it as it was a pre-existing condition and we earned too much to get assistance (over $30,000 a year). We were able to get a discount so now i=they fropped it to $18,000 for the hospital bill.

We still have to pay seperate bills for other services - around $10,000

It has been our nightmare.

Baby was normal. No problems. Mother had C section.

Something is very wrong when it costs a years wage to have a normal baby.