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Hello everyone. I hope that I am going to find some pet lovers in here :) I am sure that I will but I need to ask :) OK, here is my story. I am living in Washington DC. I have three cats ( Birman, Nebelung and Exotic Shorthair) and one dog (old English sheepdog). I am planning to get pet insurance for them. I did some research but I was not able to find anything so clear here in Washington. So I came in here because I believe that you can help me with your answers. Can you tell me the costs of pet insurance and how can I get a discount? Tnx a lot!


Hey there.

I really don’t know that much about it so my information maybe are not valid. I am not familiar with Washington DC at all, but I can help you with some regular information.

When you want to buy a pet insurance for your little friends, the most important thing is to know how the cost of your premium insurance is determined. You need to know it very well. Premium are based on some factors such as location, pet’s age and pet’s breed. Every insurance has wide variety of plan choices and you as an owner should know what is the best for your pet.

Of course that everyone are offering discount and you need to talk about it with them :)

Good luck.



Hello there. Dear DS991 thank you so much for this information. I went to see my vet to talk about this issue a little bit and since he is totally new in this business he couldn’t tell me too much. He was talking about some premium insurance but I really want something that is simpler and that is not that expensive because my dog generally is not that sick. He didn’t mention any discount. From the other side, my friend told me that this is insane and that I should not get one for my pet. I am not sure what to do anymore. What do you think?



Good afternoon everyone.

I was talking a little bit about this subject with my colleague from the work. She is in Miami, Florida and she told me that she is happy with pet insurance. She bought it four months ago, but she did it because her dog was sick very often.

She paid almost 4000 dollars for Premium insurance with a discount. She haven’t told me how big discount was.

But generally I think that insurance is worth of buying.

It is true that it is a little bit hard when you don’t have a money, but there are other insurances that cost  less.



Hi guys.

If I buy insurance for all my pets I would be totally broke lol :)

I support the idea of insurance for pets but I don’t want to give it to one pet and other pets to be without it.

The truth is that insurance is expensive.

For example some people will spend more than 500 dollars for a vets care. Even more. Even more than 1000 dollars.

That is where pet insurances can help you. For example, for monthly premiums of less than 100 and more than 90 dollars some of them will promise to pay a portion of your pet bills for medical and even surgical care.

You should always ask who offers the discount.

Some just doesn’t offer it.