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Hello people. I have a dog, Kishu Ken. She is  4 years old.

Since I have her, she whelped three puppies once.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep them, because I don’t have where to keep them.

So, I gave them to my friends.

A few days ago, my Lilla wanted to run away, and I know why.

But, I don’t want any more puppies, and I want to spay her.


Can you tell me, how much dog spaying costs?

Is it expensive or not?

Also, which is the best place to do this?

I did some research about some clinics, but I am not sure.

But, I really need to know how much this costs?


Hmm. I can’t remember the exact price even though I had my female dog spayed recently (maybe half a year ago). But I did it at this clinic whose owner is a friend of my dad’s, so I had a small discount.

Speaking in general, the price in low cost clinics can vary from 45 to 135 dollars. It depends on the weight of the dog.

And if you are not interested or you don’t have the time to find low cost clinics, you will probably have to pay around 200-300 dollars or even more.

This is of course something that can vary a lot by the country/city you live in.



I know that many people complain about how much the veterinarians  charge for spaying procedure for dogs. I, on the other hand, don’t think that dog spaying is too expensive.

In traditional clinics they charge you 200-300 dollars per procedure. I’d rather give that money and be sure that the procedure will be done properly than to question my decision later if I opt for low cost clinics.

And if we consider the time and the money that vets spend to become vets (university costs, education, licence) – it’s reasonable that they charge us 200  to 300 dollars per surgical procedures.





Do whatever you want, just don’t take your dog to the low – cost clinic. That should be your last option, even if you don’t have a lot of money for this.

This is the best option if you don’t want to have more puppies.

Trust me, you can afford it.

About the price – well, this depends on how much your dog weighs.

For example, for a dog under 20 kilograms you should pay up to 120 dollars.

If your dog has over 40 kilograms, you will need to pay up to 180 dollars.

I think that this is not THAT expensive :)



Hello. The cost of dog spaying will depend on the size of your dog. And, of course, of the complexity of this procedure. Average cost for this can be between 60 and 180 dollars. This will depend on whether your dog is small or large, or is it male or female. You should know that spaying procedure is more difficult than neutering. Some spaying clinics will charge more, it depends from many factors. If spaying is preformed, the cost may also depend on how old your dog is. It is different for puppies and for older dogs. You might have some extra charges as well.





My friend has Chihuahua. She is 12 months old. She decided to spay her and she was reading all about benefits and good sides of spaying.


She found some good clinic, and done the procedure there. She left her for a couple of hours and some of ladies in this clinic told her that she needs to pay up to 800 dollars for it.


She was ready for this, but she was not so scared since she was reading that this cannot be so expensive.  


When she came back to the clinic, vet gave her amoxicillin to give her dog for a week. So, spay and pain meds were less than 80 dollars.

Relief for her :)



Really? I had no idea that it’s that cheap. I am not sure but I think that this friend of my dad’s I mentioned above charged us about 150 dollars and he really emphasized that the price is lower than usual because he is a good friend of my dad.

I really believed that he gave us a big discount, but now when I read your comments- I’m not so sure anymore.

But I guess that depends a lot on the country-city we live in, so maybe in my city it’s much more expensive and he did give me a discount.  Who knows.



Well, if the price is really 150 dollars, it’s super cheap. I believe he did give you a discount.

In my city for example, they charge you 200 dollars at least + some additional costs, you

never end up spending less than 300 dollars.

My sister in law went to spay her female dog last Tuesday and she told me it cost her (along

with the ride and all the additional costs) 330 dollars, plus she had to stand a very annoying

veterinarian who was rude to her all the time.

But I still think it’s not too expensive for a surgical procedure.