Well I just decided to stop opiates today..I'm in a world of pain..I've been snorting 5 mg 10 mg or 7.5 mg of oxy condone or percosets..I'm about 24 hrs clean and my head feel like its about to explode..I've been snorting these pills consistently for about a year now..the pain right now is to the point where it's unbearable..nose feels like whole are being drilled into..my head is the worst..chills one second sweaty the next...runny nose..hot flashes..haven't eaten all day..taken 6 showers and I'm just so miserable..but my life is never going to be anything unless I get off these and I'm cold turkeying it because I don't want to put the drug back in my hands ever..but the pain is killing me and I don't want a clinic and I can't afford anything else..please someone help:(