Hey Im Micheal (i am a girl) and i was on this website to get a workout plan and it made u give the following info .... email,weight,goal to lose, and how tall you are. Well i put in email:

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(fake account i cant use my real one) weight:98lbs goal:around 70 and im 4ft9 then it brought me into a thing and it said hey there being honest your obese lets get serious. So i answered the questions it told me to answer (just normal like what are u in shape apple pear or hourglass) things like that. But I know im fat and thats why im trying to lose weight im a cheerleader/softball player and the last 2 years ive been a flyer (cheer) but this one im not going to i know it cause i have gained a lot of weight. Please help and tell me if i really am obese or not and i need some ideas on how to lose weight fast around the begging of summer (its march right now) thanks :) ~mickey