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I turned 13 almost four weeks ago and I can't stand being this over weight. I'm 132 lbs and about 5 feet tall. I need to lose some weight for cheer season, drill team tryouts, over the summer, confidence, and swim season. Please help me! I'm in need of descriptive ways, not 'oh, go work out'. Please help me feel comfortable in my own skin. Thank you.


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Hello, QuestionPopper416.

You said that you prepare for swimming season. Swimming is great and natural way to lose weight. Just go to the swimming pool 4-5 days a week and swim for about 2 hours every time. You can connect that with riding a bike. 

Also, something that I recommend to everyone, because I lost 25 lbs in 3 months with that regime. Skip dinner completely. Or to be precise, don't eat after 8:00 A.M. Until that time, you can eat as many meals as you want, but don't overdo. Eat lightly, but more often. Get yourself 2-3 snacks during the day, but don't eat at night, especially before sleep. 

That's few tips that can help anyone. Just be determined and I believe that you can achieve your goal.