I have allergies which cause bad sinsus infections . I was a smoker. I had a bad sinsus infection end of November. I went to Dr they put me on antibiotics . Amoxicillin (had allergic reaction 2 it) . Then cephalexin . Took 4 10 days. Smoked wit medicine . Shouldn have. Finished medicine December 15. Sinsus infection was gone. But thoart was bothering me. 3 days later went to Er. They said thoart was infected, lik having cold sore in thoart .put me on steriod medicine . Smoked a lil still . Medicine didn't help. Quit smoking tryed salt water, honey, cough drops, motrin 4 inflammation . Went to ENT Dr. She checked said nothing serious, dangerous was wrong, no lumps. That I had a low grade thoart infection, ( was red & swollen)and it was still hanging around bc sinsuses was still bothering me some. She put me on antibiotics Batrim. Finished it. Was still bothering me so she put me on a different antibiotic. Ive ran my course on antibiotics & now im 17ks pregnant. My regular Dr said thoart isn't swollen, lil red on right side.but thoart still bothering me a lil, but seems lik its on left side. It doesn't hurt to eat, swallow etc. Just irriating & idk wat else 2 do. Im frustrated & tired of dealing wit it. Advice, suggestions please!!!! Been almost 3 months. Its better than it was when it started . Ive done everything frm antibiotics to home remedies . Even bought netipot to flush out sinsuses . Please help im so burnt out on it. my ENT said might b allergies . Cnt afford allergy specialist right now. My regular Dr told me to use claritin & saline.. my family keeps saying maybe when it warms up & I can open windows & air out house it might help. My sinsus r still bothering me, is it unresolved sinsus or wat..But idk..