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Hi, I have a pain while inserting my penis into vagina. With condom i had no problem at all but with out condom i couldn't do sex. My penis foreskin is so tight so while inserting into vagina this skin is very tight because of that it is hurting a lot. Is there any treatment or surgery to get this foreskin back ? Any advices or tips are great helpful to me. Thanks for your time and suggestions. Best Regards,


Hi Sateesh,

Your foreskin should slide freely over the glans of your penis.  This normally happens by about age 16 or so.  You don't say your age but I assume you are older than this.

You likely have phimosis.

You can try to stretch your foreskin.  Get an erection and pull down on the shaft skin so that the glans spreads the opening of your foreskin OR you can use your fingers to do the same.  Do it in the shower, the warm water will help soften the skin.  If you are out of your teens you MAY need steroids to help with the stretching.

Short of that, and worst case, it would be a circumcision.  You really should see a urologist, not your regular doctor, about this.

The glans will be very sensitive at first due to it always being covered.  That's normal and it will lessen in time.

Hope it helps.



Hi Medic-dan,

Many thanks for your reply.

i am 35 years old and i did mastrubation a lot in early age. Is Mastrubating the reason for that?

I tried to pull back foreskin but it is hurting a lot. I read some information about circumcision. Are there any disadvantages of it? From your expertise would it be ok to go for circumcision now at this age?

Many thanks for youre reply.

Have a nice time.