Right I have figured out that i have phimosis this year, after a year of stretching excersises and flesh rings nothings worked so booked in to see specialist in 3 weeks. Basically since i have been young and sexually active i was getting small tears length wise on my penis where the foreskin is. Saw doc about it then and he was useless. This year though it got real bad and i started to notice that my foreskin is tightening up, tried the stretching to no avail, tried the stretching rings and thought they were working but they were hurting my frenulum, kind of bruised it and had to take ring out for a few days. Well that was when i decided that i had to see a urologist and get it sorted as i couldnt get my foreskin back over the head anymore. Well i work overseas and i am a bit worried now as i am getting very tender around the frenulum and today had a look to see what the problem was. The only way i can explain it is that it looks like the frenulum is shrinking/tightening that much it is dying?? falling off, it looks like it had got that small and tight there is no blood flow through it and its rotting?? Very tender, very small wound? Its like it has torn and is not healing properly or not at all. Is it going to be ok while i am away, I am in africa and i am not going to the docs here!