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Alright, so I had Phimosis and through stretching I managed to get my foreskin over the head of my penis.  I can get it over easily now with no hassle, I have also started when erect, and can now get it over the head too.  It's a little more difficult.  But my problem now is I have a short frenulum, I can get the foreskin over the head when erect but that's it, just below the head and from then on, the frenulum is too short and just wont budge.  So what can I do now?, will it be a problem with sex if it doesn't move any further.  



How old are you? Over 16 or so? It may still grow as you stretch.

If not, it might be a problem, it may tear. If that happens you'll get pain and a lot of blood.

An examination is required. Everyone is a bit different so the doctor will need to see exactly how long your frenulum is and where it attaches, etc.

I'd suggest you see a urologist. This is their area of expertise. They may suggest a frenuloplasty. Basically, they make some incisions and, once it heals, it should resolve the problem completely.

Circumcision is often mentioned as a solution but is usually not necessary. It is a very drastic means of resolving this. Seek a second opinion if this is what is suggested.

Good luck, hope it helps.