I am a 29 year old male going through some issues but have not found any relief anywhere.

It all started with a clicking in my throat and a sore stomach about 2 years ago that lasted about a month.

I have extremely tight and discomforting throat sensations and am always feeling on edge. I can barely sleep well and am fatigued more often than not, and have been having achy pains in my underarm area and neck/back/shoulders.


I have had multiple xrays and some with Barium swallow.

CT scan with contrast of neck area.

Ultrasound of neck area.

Upper and lower GI

Multitude of blood work done.

Stress tests/24 and 48 hour Holter monitor/EKGs/Lung function tests.


I do drink A LOT of alcohol and have drank for 6+ years almost daily..


My doctors just shake their head when they see me come in as they already know me by face. I have been diagnosed with anxiety from my GP and Globus from an ENT.