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so right now im 20 almost 21 and over the past few months ive developed a fear of time moving forward i guess you could say. it's hard to explain, ill not only think of, but obsess over one day being a lot older and this current time period (2017) being a long time ago like we think of the 1960s and 70s. it makes it hard for me to look forward to future events in my life because the fear of time passing by (i think its chronophobia) is paralyzing. its only recently become a problem in my mind and i never really wast bothered by it before. as silly as it sounds it really does take a toll on me mentally thinking about it/trying not to think about it. its just i gotta change my perspective i guess so if anyone has anything that might help id appreciate it 


I understand. I was the same way a couple years ago. I was 18/19 (I'm now 21) and I would constantly obsess over me getting older. Because getting older = health problems, risks of getting cancer, heart failure...yada yada. You name it, I obsessed over it. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Hypochondria (which is where you're freaking out about your health all the time). I literally couldn't make myself stop thinking about time continuing and me dying. Weird how our brains work, huh? So I went to a million doctors because I was certain something was severely wrong with me (I never stopped to think about the fact that it might be a psychological and not a physiological one lol). But one doctor ended up giving me pretty amazing advice. The more you think about NOT thinking about it, the more you'll think about it. Allow your mind to obsess, analyze as well as fear, and will move on. I thought it was dumb at first. But I did it. It really, truly helped. I don't even think about it anymore. Good luck to you. I hope things get better.