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It happens more often now. I get a pinching, tingling feeling in my lower left arm by my wrist and it travels to my arm and down my left side, stopping around where my stomach is. What could this be? I am going to see a health professional today. Maybe they can help? I have no history of high blood, high cholesterol or heart issues. Weird.


Hello there rockyb38,

Well since you have written that you are going to see your doctor today I believe you are just nervous waiting for your appointment. I hope that you will be just fine and that this is maybe consequence of the large stress or some damaged nerve after some physical activity. It is very hard to determine what is in question when it comes to situations like this unless someone in your family didn’t have the same problem.

My brother had damaged nerve and he was experiencing tingling in his arm for a few weeks before he finally has decided to see a doctor. I hope that you will resolve your problem. keep us posted and good luck.