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i am a teen and i am very self concouse and i would do anything to be thinner i just want to know some ways to lose waight fast and keep it off

im already thinking about giving up on food alltogether is that a good idea?


Hi there! Giving up on food altogether is definitely not a good idea! Though you may not realize it, puberty can have a major affect on your weight and the shape of your body. Both girls and boys can expect to gain weight as well as height during puberty. Hormones released during this time often cause boys to gain muscle and girls to experience an increase in body fat. These changes are normal but may make you feel like you're overweight, even if you're not. Eating french fries, fast food, sodas, chips, and sweets on a regular basis and avoiding fruits and vegetables like the plague can add excess calories without much nutrition. Inactivity has a major affect on your waistline and your health. In fact if you don't exercise or eat right, watching TV is the most common activity that can lead to weight gain and is something teens usually do more and more as they get older. I hope this helps.