In the past 4 weeks, I've noticed that everytime I yawn (big) I get a sharp, jabbing pain deep in the joint of my jaw by my left ear and it travels down below and in behind the mandible.  I experience dull pain on that side from swallowing and now there are swollen submandibular lymph nodes that are quite tender to touch.

This morning, I awoke to the same symptoms accompanied with tightness in my upper chest and pressure in my throat, like I am about to cry but trying to stifle it.  It is constant and annoying, yet tolerable enough to come to work.

I have recently had blood work done (including TSH) and have not been notified of any issues.  Being a nurse and knowing what the worst case scenario could be, I'm being a little paranoid, thinking thyroid cancer, lung cancer, etc etc.

If anyone else has had similar symptoms and has been assessed, I would appreciate learning about your experience.  I'm waiting to see my doc, but he is the type that you basically have to tell him "I want _____ and ____ done" and he will just fill out the slip for you.


Thanks in advance.