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Hello everyone,

23 year old male here that just got my tonsils out 11/14//2014 due to them being too enlarged causing me to have sleep apnea and such. Had the surgery and have not had ANY pain what so where. Had surgery 11/14 at about 7am and its now 11/15 3am. no pain. Just feels very uncomfortiable and odd to swallow water but im drinking PLENTY!

I have been trying to sleep ALL day but its pretty much impossiable! Ill daze out into my sleep and about 2 minutes into my sleep i will suddenly stop breathing and wake up GASPING for air!!!! It's very very scary and im worried! Its only day 1 and iv had no pain just this issue. I am sitting as far up as i can to sleep but i have no luck. Same issue with the gasping for air almost choking feeling. 

I am very worried since this is day 1 and im sure theres some pain ahead of me and not being able to sleep through it is gonna be rough.


That's exactly what is happening right now it's 11:05 pm my time and I had my surgery earlier today... I can't sleep all day or night but just this recent one that has me looking had me worried I woke from a deep sleep gasping for air and it took a few seconds to catch it....