Ohk, i know im a guy in my 20's, so my experience may not be so bad. But i was really nevouse before hand, so im gonna give you a day by day to know what to expect.

The surgery was so simple, you wake up and the pain is not so bad, cause your still on the anestisia. The rest of your day after surgey is a breeze.

When you wake up the 2nd day the pain does start to settle in, but the roxiect kicks in quick and isnt so bad. it says take every 6 hrs but it only works for about 4 and a half. You just gotta suck it up that hr. I've only been through 2 days but ill keep you informed as the week goes on. So far ive hate whatever i want, and have got a lot done. Its not as bad as these other horror stories people put on here. No vomiting blood or anything like that. Just take your meds and drink the liquids. The longer you go without liquids the more your throat will hurt. Update tomorrow, for day 3!