June 11th is day #3 of tonsillectomy recovery. NOT my best day ever. I felt ill this morning, not sure why. My head was experiencing a vice-grip headache....caffiene withdrawl?, or normal part of recovery? I was able to tolerate an applesauce for breakfast so I could take my percocet for pain. I had a migraine and couldn't even move my head without pain shooting around my eyes. Had to turn off the ceiling fan because that was increasing the pressure by circulating a breeze in the bedroom. I was able to take a short nap but, before long I "got sick". Worse pain ever!!! Also make a note that the seperation between your nasal passage and your throat is a little confused at this time, probably because of all the swelling. Sometimes when you are drinking water it will come back out your nose. In this instance, when you get sick, it also will come back out your nose. SORRY!!! I was not able to drink anything for much of the day. All that wetn in...came out....two more times. I basically agreed to let my stomache rest for a few hours. I then tried cold caffienated iced tea to see if it would improve upon my headache pain. I ate Ritz crackers and took my pain meds and thankfully was able to keep them down. I also took a Benadryl tablet to help with itching. Some people will experience itching from medicating with narcotics for pain management. This is a common side effect. What I can tell you is that: IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER FROM HERE.