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have any of you guys ever tried liposuction?
i'm a newbie pls give me some information


Hey Sammy my mother had abdominal liposuction last year and she is very satisfied with the results.

Do you have any specific problems why you want to undergo this cosmetic surgery? My mother did it because of the stretch marks and some fat. She was thrilled with the results and there were no side effects but I was with her every step of the way so I am sure that she was following the instructions her doctor gave to her. And off course this is essential because this is surgery and it doesn't matter because it is a cosmetic surgery you should follow the instructions.

Recovery period after the surgery lasts for about four weeks and it isn't complicated so very fast you can go back to your daily routine but without the stretch marks or abdominal fat. And one more thing there is going to be one scar but this you need discuss with your surgeon because you need to see the pictures to decide is this something you really want.