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Hello everyone. I was just wondering about type 2 BG levels. I'm having a number of hypos around 60 and then I have some hypers around 170. I think that is pretty high. I don't get that all the time and before my afternoon and evening meals I come back down to 125 or so. I was wondering if that is really bad. I was diagnosed with type 2 about 8 months ago. It has really been difficult to take my readings on time and get the appropriate food I need at work. We don't have a lunch room where we can go to so I end up going to the rest room to make measurements and even eat my lunch and snacks. We do have a table there an a couple of chairs which makes it not to bad. Anyone have some ideas?


Hey, It sounds like your having problems getting to the right foods and having the proper times to take measurements. I know that can be difficult at work where they don't accommodate employees with diabetes. You might want to talk to your boss about that and find out what their policies are. Some bosses, once they know your health issue are more than willing to accommodate you. But, you need to talk with them. See if you can't set up a specific time with them so you can get the measurements you need on time so you can have good measurement records. That will certainly help you with you hypos and hypers. You should be able to have snack times to keep your sugar levels stable. I don't know if you can eat at your desk (assuming you work inside) but if you can that would help. Maybe some celery and carrots or perhaps some fruit or fruit juice to keep you going and clear headed. In my case, I didn't have a problem having snacks at my desk because my desk is in the back and the public can't see me. I set up a hot plate in the back room where I can heat up some soup and other things.