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i have been having sex with the same guy for the past 8 months...i have never had a problem getting wet, and sex was always very enjoyable for me, but for some reason, recently, i dont get wet anymore...because of it sex becomes sooo painful that we usually have to stop. i am afraid that this is going to start bugging him and he will go look for it somewhere else...we have been having some problems with trust because he doesnt open up, i am thinking that i just dont feel comfortable anymore, how do i relax ??


first, you leave him and then you wait until you're ready for another guy. you seem to be very mature and ready to talk about these things but he does not. he's not worth your time especially when he will not talk about a topic like this.

if you really think he's the one for you then try to use more lube and see if that helps. you're probably not getting wet because your body is not ready to open up to this guy and it's trying to tell you that.