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i can pull back my foreskin without any problems when flaccid, its tougher when im erect, but i can do it. my problem is that when my foreskin is retracted and i get an erection, i get a stinging sensation right underneath the head, i dont think that the frenulum is too short, because i can stretch the skin back quite far without too much pain. what can i do?


Hey, I think you just need to stretch it out a bit more. It should be loose enuff to retract on its own as you get hard. The stinging is probably from the foreskin being tight.

I am guessing that your head is still REALLY sensitive....if so, thats probably got something to do with it stinging. Just work on de-sensitizing yurself for a bit. I always found that if you roll the skin back  and keep it there for a few minutes, yur little guy will dry out and not be so sensitive. Put him away back in yur pants, with the skin pulled back (and dry). That might take some getting used to....but if you get in that habbit, he wont be so intensely sensitive, you'll enjoy sex/beating off way more.

AND he'll stay fresher for longer. ;)

My little guy is not cut....but he's just as durable, and long lasting as a cut guy.