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Recently I have done some research about uncircumcised penises. I read about the foreskin being able to retract at age five or later in the teenage years. However, my foreskin cannot at all, maybe 1 cm at the most. I am 16 years old. Should I talk to my doctor about this?


it might be woth being checked out/talking to your doctor to be honest becuase it can cause problems with infection, smell and pain future. I know it might be a bit embaracing going to a doctor about it, but even if your ok it will make you feel better also your penis isnt going to be the first that your doctor would have seen, just relax and think about somthing else and before you know it, it will be over. You also have a right to privacy, so if you dont want parents going in with you then they should respect that.

When your trying to retract it, are you erect or flacid because often it wont retract as much when erect that it can when its soft.

good luck and dont hesitate to post here on the forum if you have any more questions