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I'm incredibly worried right now because ive never had any testicle pains and i am 13 years old.

For almost 2 days (today april 16 being the 2nd) under or the side of my scrotum (left testicle) has been in much pain and im beginning to think its my bladder. Last week i was constipated for the whole week and i have only gone to the bathroom a few times and ive never actually emptied my bladder. so today i think its my bladder because my testicle started to hurt very much when my belt pushed against it and when i lifted it off the pain went away (when i didnt move) so when i push on my bladder the pain goes around the left side of my penis and down to my testicle and hurts. im sure i dont have cancer because ive been reading other posts and heard that it doesnt cause pain. Does anyone know why it hurts?

left out into I also think its caused by me masturbating on sunday, i did it a few times that day, and that same day i was sitting in my boxers and they went up uncomfortably and kind of gave me a testicle wedgy. they only hurt for about 3 hours that day till i went to sleep. I also think it hurts more today because i sleep on my stomach and sleep slightly on my left side leaning on my testicle. im sorry this post is out of place im just trying to get out as much info as possible. also there are no lumps or cut or anything of the sort around the area.


i got exactly the same, ive gone doctors and he gave me anti biotics, still aint dont nothing.. going back.. Your best going doctors bud, dont listen to sh*t on internet, it just makes you paranoid.