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I have been having this problem for over a month now. Whenever me and my fiance have sex if we do it in a certain position(usually when he is in deep) it hurts and we have to stop. The pain is in my lower abdomen and lower back. Last night it was so bad i almost threw up. I thought it was a cyst since i have had one before, but i had a sonogram and everything came back fine. The doctor suggested ovulation pain, but there is no reason for it to hurt every time even when i am not ovulating. Also my period has been changing every month it seems like. If you could please help and give me some ideas to bring up to my doctor.

Thank you Thank you!!!


It’s not bacteria vagitosis it’s actually the sperm decomposing that smells, should be gone in a few days as you wash and as it decomposes. It throws off your ph balance because sperm and your vagina do not have the same ph balance. Happened to me when I was on birth control and my partner thought it was okay to constantly evaculate In me... so I took Frequent BATHS because when you take a bath your vagina sucks in water and you can push it back out and that’s how I use To get rid of the decomposing seman and smell fast. Just let your partner know about what the seman does to your vagina so their is no surprises