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I get frequent yeast or bacteria infections when my boyfriend and I have sex. We don't use condoms because we are in an exclusive relationship (no he isn't cheating on me). I get these because his sperm makes my PH balance off. In previous relationships this has happened but not as frequently and not with all partners.

I have read on other web sites that the main option is to use condoms, which we aren't really fond of. I have also read that eventually my PH levels could "get used" to him.

Has anyone heard of this? Are condoms the only option or is this a possibility? I'm not willing to put myself through these infections for a few months if it isn't going to work.



I had a similar issue with a couple of my partners (I'm way older, so I can say that without sounding too bad), and I can observe and confirm a couple of things, from that experience:

a) firstly, it's amazingly rational and generous of you, and I mean that as a compliment, to be able to consider the issue so calmly

(it may astonish you, but yeast / ph balance can be seen as a bizarre STD, vs a normal, if disappointing, fact of life)

b) yes, in theory, I recall being told the same thing - that it would in due course balance out

- and I can also recall the pain, frustration, and irritation of one partner, at the regular outbreaks

(so all I can really say is, in three years, it was a recurring, but not nightmare, issue)

c) in a dozen one-to-three year relationsihps (last, 7 years, yes I'm that old), it was a significant issue in only that one of them

What you do with that information, I leave to you!

One last thought/hint: if he's really the one, then consider looking at it as a diet issue. I have no evidence to support the case,
but our skin excretes what we eat - consider shifting a diet, experimenting. Just a thought.

Take care,