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My boyfriend has been breaking out with these small circular reddish colored bumps that ITCH!!.when he scratches they bust and leave a dark round shaped SCARS!! They are on his legs ,arms and hands thats it.It's not contagious.He doesn't have insurance so he went to the emergency room they werent sure what it was but did some blood work and told him he should see a dermatologist.He had this problem since june 2009 and its now feb. He saved some money and seen a dermatologist but the dr needs to do a skin biopsy which we cannot afford right now...Please help!!! Has anyone seen or heard about anything like this!!Any suggestions are welcomed!!!!!


HI -

I have had a rash for about 8-9 months now. Fortunately I live in the UK, but diagnosis has still taken a while. My rash appears on my elbows, knees, bum and sides and I have had 3 skin Biopsies. The last biopsy was to see if I am celiac as the rash could be caused by eating gluten. The name is Dermatitis herpetiformis, so hopefully will get it solved soon. Just waiting for the results to come through. Just a thought for you to consider.