I have been getting problems with my stomach for nearly a full year now. Everytime I eat, my stomach suffers. No matter what it is. I usually then have to go the toilet, for a number 2. I'm worried I dont digest anything ever hardly.


I'm weak a lot of the time. I think I'm not getting my minerals and vitamins et cetera.


I have been taking Codeine 30 mg, with paracetomol 650 mg, but only ever with food. (maybe, once, twice a day) for a while now. This is for the pain I get in an old wrist injury. I thought I may be gluten intolerent, so I've been avoiding anything with gluten, and I thought that helped, but I still get paid after food. It's driving me crazy. Havent see a doc, as I have seen one before, and been told maybe its IBS,. but tried tablets for that too.


I dont know.


I like a beer, but never use to get problems from beer. Beer, actually, sometimes settles my stomach.


I dont know. HELP.


What do I eat, avoid to eat, drink,avoid to drink, and does anyone have any idea about why I need to go the toilet a lot?