Hello, it's Louise again my period finished today on the 15th of December this year, I got worried but my partner and I wanted to have so fun, anyway I had unprotected Sex and it was about an hour and a half I went to the loo and I was bleeding for some reason as this has never happened to me before I got worried and was freaking out wondering what it could be but I really don't have a clue why this has happened, it's a light red or pink colour, few times I've had my period and after finishing I would have intercourse with my partner and this has never happened, can someone please help me and explain what it could be, as a month ago I had the biggest cravings for fruit, salad, milk and yoghurt plus being tired a lot and having headaches, feeling sick, having sore breast, nipples and going to the loo more then usual, plus one night I woke up and my breast felt like they were on fire and throbbing feeling. I hope someone can help.