Hello. I am the population of teenagers who ended up with mono from sharing a beverage. We're not a bad group of kids, but our kind are soon to inhabit the earth because this virus is so unpredictable. I don't know what to think I feel trapped by only bad reports of my spleen exploding or how mono can re-actovate so I could accidentally ruin someone else's life :-( just like they ruined mine.

My questions are plentiful but I'm going to ask only a few:

Lozanges make the lumps in my throat inflame even more is this normal?
I don't know if it might even be stress but it seems like lozanges do this because when I swallow even water I feel them get bigger.
Will my spleen explode if I do Marching Band physical activity type stuff?
This is a big part of my life, I might die from not being in it mentally but at least I'll just be in a insane asylum alive physically.
How do I know when the disease reactovates and I shouldn't kiss anyone? Should I just tell them just incase?
It's embarressing period :$ . Why'd they have to go and call it the "kissing disease" because now everyone looks at me as if I gargled someones saliva which I didn't!
My docotor, at one point, before I ever got mono told me I might need my tonssils out soon... how do I tell the difference in lumps in my throat?
I just feel like the control in my life has spiraled down hill, people say a lot of people have mono but it's not like every mono patient has lined up at my door to help me feel safe. I don't know if this is a over-reaction o.O to something simple but then again no one tells me where to find answers. If your thinking I should ask my doctor, believe me she is one of the last people I want to ask. She judges your very being just when you step in. You do not just feel degraded by the time you step out but a little unsure of your morals.