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I'm a 21 year old girl and I've always felt like I sweat more than your average Joe. I've always been active in sports so I attributed it to that but I'm getting really frustrated that the problem persists. I'll walk to class and the second I get inside and sit down I have a sort of hot flash and be sweating and overheated. I'll be sitting on the couch in a normal temperature room and still have little pit stains. I'm sick of avoiding certain colors and outfits because I'm going to be sweating. The clinical strength deodorants don't even seem to help. I'm desperate here. Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong with me?


In a word, nothing.

Guys have a 'perspiration' problem, women 'glow', only horses sweat, or that's the old saying (in the age of chivalry, long gone no doubt).

You're a nuclear reactor in a world of couch potatoes. If you've always been active in sport, it's difficult to imagine you need two seats on airline, so obesity-sweat is out - obese people tend to have stressed out bodies, with a lot of toxins, and their bodies are doing everything they can to expel them.

So the only other explanation is, you're hot, literally.

Where do you think the phrase came from?

There have been societies where powerful, virile (strong) women ruled, never mind the roost, but the society, as warriors and the dominant sex - forget Xena, much more 'real'. Today's men and women are hardly an inspiration to physical perfection, with our soft lives, but are arguably far less likely to pursue adventure, adrenalin.

When they do, it's hot - there you go. Check out the attendance at beach volleyball, or simply women climbers (rock, not social).

Asking you to sit still in a class or room is like asking lion to miaow.

Imagine someone bringing a lioness to the party, for real.

That's you. If clothes sweat, check out Xenas fashions - the show, it's not an online store.

Make a statement of your life.

There's a saying: The reasonable (wo)man adapts to society. The unreasonable (wo)man makes society adapt to him (her) - hey, it was said by a guy. It continues: so it stands to reason that all change depends on the unreasonable (wo)man.

Growl, don't groan. If girls 'ooh' and 'gross' you, bear in mind you could run them twice round the park, whipping their butts all the way.

You can be as self-conscious as you like - it's your life; but if you're hot, you're hot.

There's only about a billion guys on the planet that might appreciate that, so don't sweat it... so to speak.


REALLY??? This girl genuinely asks you for assistance and you can't give her anything but some odd, sexual answer? What a awkward read this must have been for her... She's expecting a response that might lead her toward actual tangible solutions and then WHAM, WTF.....


I'm a 21 year old man. I've always been hot pretty much. It was first at around the age of 10-12 where it began being a problem. I would walk around in my undies all day and night, even during the winter with no heating on at all.

However due to global warming, I had to put on a t-shirt again about 3 or 4 years ago during the winter, but during the spring, summer and fall I am still far too hot. I am feeling too warm a majority of the time. It sucks. I can't find any kind of diagnose or disease for it online and I never heard of anything like it from 3 years in medschool.

Just another mystery of the human body I guess. However I've had bechterews since I was 8 and that might have had something to do with it. I wasn't diagnosed and medicated until the age of 19 though, because my doctor was an unqualified id**t