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Hi I am 21 and my gf is 16 we have sex and I ejaculated before having sex and didn't urine after ejaculated while we were having 5 minutes I feel like cum was about to ejaculate so I pull out and I saw precum on the head of my penis but she said she didn't feel anything went in but my gf was having her period by any chance I could get her pregnant?? Or rather what is the percentage chances? Of her getting pregnant


Sounds like you're telling us you ejaculated, but then didn't pass urine before having unprotected intercourse with your girl.

There is ALWAYS a risk of pregnancy with any act of unprotected sex. It may be small, but you are taking that risk. You can cut those risks drastically by being responsible in any one of a number of ways.

First, use a condom. Every time.
Second, don't have sex, or touch, or finger if you've just ejaculated. Your wet finger can transmit the sperm.
Third, talk with your gf about your long term plans, and how you might feel about a pregnancy. This should help you both to decide when or what to do.
Fourth, abstaining from sex is also a sure bet, but it sounds like you won't consider that.

You're asking for odds or percentages that she might be pregnant from your recent activities. The fact that she was in or on her period probably reduces the odds for that instance, but don't guarantee anything.

Taking all of what you said.... ejaculated first, she's on period, the odds are probably low, but not zero.
Take responsibility to use protection. You may have gotten lucky this time, but you can't expect everything to work your way in the future.

Good luck.