i am 21 years old and i am masturbating from 6 years and my frequency of masturbation is high but i have reduced it , but whenever i get aroused by some pics or whenever i see porn then my penis starts licking a sticky fluid till i am fantising and watching porn and when i stop that fluid stops to lick from penis . Is this any infection or some disease bcoz i have gone to many doctors but no can cure this or i think they r not aware wat the problem is and after eating lots of medicines this problem still remains and their is lots of burning also while urinating . i hv taken all tests including urine flow test , urine test , sonography but all the doctors to whom i hv gone tell me that everything is alright in tests and no one tells that wat is wrong and give me some medicines which are useless and not work . And this discharge is shiny and transparent and sometimes some drop of this discharge comes without arousal and the pain during urination is unbearable and urge to urinate is very high , i hv to go urination every 1.5 hours and erections are so weak and soft penis and sometimes while watching porn or some scenes the penis does not erect and not sensitive at all but still there is leaking of discharge until i m watching porn ........plz help me