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Hey about 10 months ago I became sexually active and was put on birth control. about 2 months after that I suffered from a pretty bad UTI. Since then I've been getting UTI's almost on a monthly basis. with the arrival of my last one my doctor advised me to get tested for all the normal STD's just to rule them out. Well I did and they came back negative, and here I am again about one month later with what feels like another UTI. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions on how I can solve this problem or even what to ask my doctor about the next time I'm in. I can't tell if the infections are sexually related or not but I know they come on fast and the feeling of uncomfort doesn't really seem to go away. I also know that those alcohol wipes they give you before you collect your urine sting like hell. The only other thing I know is that my boyfriend is also uncercomsized. I've heard that can cause this problem too. He's been really careful to keep up hygiene but it doesn't seem to help either. I'm just tired of running unneeded expensive tests that tell me nothing and am afraid of building up a resistance to antibiotics even though my doc has not used the same one twice.
any help would be appreciated


This isn't entirely uncommon. This can happen with some bacteria. What ends up happening is the antibiotics push down the bacteria, but they don't kill them all. Then went the drugs are out of the system, the bacteria are free to reproduce again.

I suggest you get yourself some Silver Biotics or ASAP (the same product, two different names) from American Biotech Labs. You can purchase it at a local health food store or online. This is a nano-silver (NOT colloidal silver) product that kills pathogens unfriendly to the body. It does not kill friendly bacteria. It's non-toxic and doesn't interfere with pharmaceuticals. It also doesn't accumulate in the body like colloidal silver. One dose completely leaves the body in about 48 hours. I used to get UTIs a lot too, but I don't get them anymore after taking that.

The company that makes this product did a study on one woman who would get a UTI routinely every month. After a week of taking 1 teaspoon three times a day, the bacteria that was causing her infections was gone. She stopped getting the infections.

Also, in case they're caused by sex, here are things you can do:
Make sure you have some urine in your bladder before commencing.
Clean yourself well with a baby wipe before starting sex.
Use lubricant every time.
Don't use spermicide, since this has been known to increase UTI likelihood.
After sex, pee immediately.
After you pee, drink a full glass of water. Mark what time it is.
Thirty minutes after sex, pee again.
Thirty minutes later, or an hour after sex, pee again.
It's highly recommended that you never have rough sex. This can damage the urethra and push bacteria up into the tract much easier than gentle sex.

Even if it isn't sex related, drink plenty of filtered water a day. Ideally, this is half your body weight in ounces of water a day. This will keep you hydrated, increase your immune system, and keep you peeing enough to flush out any bacteria.
Drinking a glass of cranberry juice daily provides an unfriendly environment for bacteria in the urinary tract.
Probiotics, or good bacteria, are great at controlling bad bacteria. You can get these at health food stores or eat yogurt (good quality, probably at a health food store as well).
If you eat 100 grams or more of sugar in an hour, your white blood cell count drops too low to fight off pathogens for the next five hours. Just keep track that you don't eat too much sugar.