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I have some white, thick vaginal discharge lining the walls of my vagina. It does not flow out though, it has to be "scooped" out. It does not itch like a yeast infection. I recently had sex and I got "dry" so this might be connected to it but I'm not sure.

Could this be a result of the irritation from dry sex? Could this still possibly be a yeast infection?


Vaginal discharge is completely normal in most cases, its function is to clean and protect the vagina. You know that something is wrong when discharge begins to smell or look strange, or is accompanied by itching or pain. Because you don’t have any itching, redness or swelling it probably isn’t yeast infection and it depends on your partner and your previous visits to gynecologist if there is a chance that it might be caused by Chlamydia or something like that. And it is completely possible that dryness during intercourse led to irritation of your vagina and that is the cause for discharge.