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hello i am a 23 year old girl..just got married....while doing intercourse its difficult and i dont get much lubrication.....inorder to get good lubrication plz tell me wat shud i do and should i do any changes in my diet plz advice


I don’t think that diet change has anything to do with lubrication. I think that the main problem here is that you are not excited enough when your husband tries to enter with his penis. When you get aroused, your body usually produced “juices” that make your vagina wet and lubricated and enable penetration.

When you are not aroused enough, you won’t get wet and will have difficulties.

You may suggest your partner a bit of foreplay, kissing, touching, cuddling, etc in order to get you interested for sex and when you get wet, then he may try to enter with his penis.

Many women use different lubricants but some of the lubricants can cause vaginal flora imbalance and you may end up with yeast infection and suffer from symptoms like vaginal discharge, redness, dryness, itchiness and may have to take suppositories o drugs to get rid of that yeast infection.

In case you don’t get wet enough after a prolonged foreplay, you may seek gynecologist help to see what may be wrong. It is lack of estrogen that makes vagina dry and the vaginal walls may get thin and you may experience bleeding after friction. This happens to women who are going through menopause.

If you have problems with your hormones, your gynecologist will help you sort this problem out and may recommend you lubricants that want cause overgrowth of yeast infection.