Before 6 mnths ago one day i had suddenly startd worst itchng on my vagina i had never faced before and then continuously i had itching and burning then i chckd there are few cracks in vulva or labia i dnt knw how they appeard since that day i have too much itchng burning and cracks and i have noticed the vulva clr is getng white . Aftr that whenever i try to remove hairs on vagina with veet cream or spray there is a worst swoulig on labia and reshes cracks as well  

Added one more thing i have yeast infection for so many years but since i have a cracks on vulva i have too mch white yellowish discharg ...!!! 

I went to the doctr so many time but they said ur vagina is ok  Last week i had an oppointmnt doctor said u have candida  even without examin my vagina.