i'm not really sure what to do. i've been having problems with my labia becoming extremely itchy and uncomfortable. i don't have any actual vaginal itching, its just the labia alone that itches. i don't think this is an std, because i'm in a monogomous relationship and have been for a couple years and we were both tested shortly after we started dating. but i am a little worried if this is an std, although i've never heard of any std that causes discomfort strictly on the labia and nowhere else. i've noticed that this problem comes after my husband and i have sexual intercourse and lasts for a couple of days. could it just be rough sex irritating my labia? or is this worse? i don't know if it helps to disclose this information, but i do have a heavy regular discharge, usually somewhat thick and creamish in color (but i've had this since puberty i don't think its unusual). but i notice that sometimes my discharge becomes very thick and goopy and more yellowish in color after interourse as well. my husband did have gonorrhea and chlamydia 4 or 5 years before we met, but he was treated and, like i said before, we both got tested shortly after we started having intercourse together and came up negative for everything. i do have genital warts, but i've only had one outbreak and that was during pregnancy almost 2 years ago, and it didn't cause very much discomfort at all. i also notice that this labia itching and burning has only been a problem for me since i gave birth last year.

so what now? what am i supposed to do?