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Hi, I'm not sexually active, but I find that I have a fishy odor "down there". I don't have any discharge (except for some clear stuff, but that's normal right?? ), no rash, itchyness, etc. just a stinky smell. Is this normal? If it is, is there any way to reduce it? If it's not, what should I do?

Spanks for helping.


You may be experiencing this odor due to the soap you are using or due to the laundy detergent. Try changing the brand of soap first and see if the odor goes away, if that does not work, then try the laundry det. You may be reacting to the chemicals in the soaps, as many women do. Also, do a good cleansing once a with the vinegar and water solution. This will also help with the odor. If none of this works, then you need to see a GYN just to make sure that you dont have a bacterial infection or parasite lurking. Sometimes mild vaginal infections go un-noticed, until it flames up to a severe infection. It is not normal to have a fishy smell, so this is definately something that needs addressing. Specially if the change of soaps doesnt help.
I hope this information helps you some.
Good luck.