This is the first time I have gone outside of a doctors office for advice. About 7 years ago I was having what I thought were migraines and the severity lasted a year or so. I would wake up with the most debilitating throbbing pain in my life. Mainly the back of my head. All I wanted to do was rip my head off. It would last 8-10 hours and my day was gone. Ive been to doctors, ER's and ENT's. I finally found a way to lighten the pain. I would take a scalding hot bath with all but the tip of my nose submerged. I took great risks doing this because I could have drowned after falling asleep. This was the only way I could deal with it. Years have gone by and I dont have it as bad but I still cant find out what is going on with me. Lately I loose hearing in my left ear at times, the back of my head pounds again. I cant lay my head on the right or it will start hurting in about 2-5 min. If I catch it in time I can roll over to my left and make it go away in about 20-30 min. Is this normal to anyone else? I recently had my sinuses checked and there is no sinus issues however I drain like there is no tomorrow. If I cough I get that pounding pain in the back of my head. Sometimes the back of my eyes hurt. I have very bad dry eye so I have to keep them lubricated on top of everything else in order to try not to hurt :( Does anyone have any IDEAS? I dont know what to do? Thankyou